Alarm Permits

Burglary/Fire/Alarm Permits

The Circleville City Code requires any residence or building that is equipped with an alarm system to obtain a permit. The alarm permit fee is $20.00 and needs to be renewed on a yearly basis. Failure to obtain a permit could result in a citation and fine. 

​Excessive False Alarms

A service fee of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) shall be charged to the alarm user for every chargeable false alarm in excess of five per permit year which elicits a response by Police or Fire personnel in accordance with their standard operating procedures. This service fee will be invoiced monthly through the office of the Safety Director and are due within thirty days after invoicing. A service fee may be waived by the Safety Director for good cause shown. 

​Obtain an Alarm Permit

To obtain an alarm permit, please click the Alarm Permit Application link on the right side of the page to download and print the application form. Follow the directions on the form and mail or drop off the completed form along with the $20.00 fee to the Circleville Police Department 151 East Franklin Street. Circleville, Ohio 43113. 

Alarm Permit Application

Burglary/Fire Alarm Permit Application