Water Sales

The City of Circleville sells water through the Automatic Water Salesman located on the North side of the Wastewater Treatment Plant’s maintenance building. Please read all information on this page before using the Automatic Water Salesman.

The Water Salesman is a completely “self service” unit which will accept quarters, 1-dollar bills, and 5-dollar bills. Please bring the correct change with you.
  • $0.50 = 50 gallons
  • $2.00 = 200 gallons
  • $10.00 = 1,000 gallons
The Water Salesman building
Note: Rates may be subject to change

Water Sales Hours
Water sales will be available to the public 7 days a week between the hours of 6 a.m. – 9 p.m., no exceptions.

Load Capacities
An important thing to remember is that a gallon of water weighs 8.34 lbs. This means 500 gallons of water weighs 4,170 lbs. That’s over 2 tons! Please remember to consider the weight of the water you will be hauling. Also consider that your water load will “shift” as your vehicle stops, slows turns etc.
Quick Connect Example
Equipment Needed
In order to prevent cross contamination water haulers will need to provide their own hose to connect to the Automatic Water Salesman, which requires a 2” quick connect coupling.

Pool Water
On occasion Circleville’s water can become reddish orange with iron. It remains safe to drink, but the rusty color may affect the clarity of swimming pool water and may also discolor the laundering of clothes. If the affects of rusty water will be an issue for your use of this water it would be advisable for you to either not use it or keep close watch on the color of water as it fills and or discharges from your tank.

Note: The city of Circleville shall not be responsible for any discoloring caused by the use of this water.

Using the Water Salesman
Once you have securely connected to the Water Salesman insert the correct change and the Water Salesman will automatically begin pumping water.
  • Please double-check all connections before inserting money into the Water Salesman.
  • If tank begins to overflow just push in manual shut off switch located above coin acceptance slot.
Using Fire Hydrants
Using plant fire hydrants to fill water tanks is strictly prohibited by law and will not be permitted at the Wastewater Treatment Plant. If the Automatic Water Salesman fails to function please notify plant personnel. If a member of the maintenance staff is not on duty an “Out of Order” sign will be posted until repairs can be made (usually the next shift maintenance is scheduled to work).

Directions to the Plant
The Wastewater Treatment Plant is located just west of Circleville on State Route 22 between the Scioto River and Rumpke Recycling Plant.

Turn right as you pull through the front entrance gate and the Water Salesman will be located on the building directly to the left.

Todd Jones
Ph: 740-477-8230
  • 6 a.m. - 9 p.m.
Please remember any incidents of vandalism or littering will be reported to the proper authorities. The Circleville Wastewater Treatment Plant provides water sales to the public as a service and is under no obligation to continue service especially if vandalism and littering become a problem.