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Posted on: September 5, 2018

Establishing Eligibility Lists for Police Officer and Communications Officer


Job Classification: Firefighter – Part Time

The City of Circleville is establishing an on-going eligibility list for part-time Fire Fighter.  Upon closing of the testing period, qualified candidates obtaining a minimum score of 70% and meeting the minimum requirements of the position will be invited to complete an employment application and the City of Circleville Personal History Questionnaire.  

Passage of the Fire Fighter Mile is required prior proceeding with the background investigation/hiring process.

Salary Information: 2018 Part Time Fire Fighter - $10/hour for FF/EMT-B; $11/hour for FF/EMT-A; $12/hour for FF/Paramedic. All certifications must be valid State of Ohio certifications.  

Benefit Information: None offered at this time.

Department Overview: The City of Circleville Fire Department full time staff is composed of 1 Chief, 3 Captains, 3 Lieutenants, 9 fire fighters and a pool of part- time fire fighters.

Location: Circleville/Pickaway County, Ohio, population: 13,314

Minimum Job Requirements
•Age: 21
•US Citizen: Yes
•High School Grad/GED: Must possess a high school diploma or equivalent
•Valid Ohio State Driver's License, unrestricted (except for corrective lenses) with the ability to meet the City's minimum guidelines for insurability
•Ability to Read/Speak English: Yes
•Vision: As required by the Ohio Police and Fire Pension Fund Physical
•Minimum Certification: Possession of a State of Ohio Fire Fighter II certification and at least a State of Ohio EMT-Basic certification prior to hire and passage of the Fire Fighter Mile.
•Prior Experience: Not required

Hiring Process:
•An extensive background investigation, including but not limited to driving records, criminal records, alcohol and drug use, financial responsibility records, voice stress analysis, psychological exam, and physical exam.
•Undesirable conduct in the area of integrity, discipline, commitment, or reliability may cause an applicant to be disqualified.
•Must have a stable employment record. Instability may include the inability to maintain steady employment as well as gross abuse of standards, incompetency, or aberrant behavior during a single employment.
•Must not have a credit history which could result in criminal prosecution (i.e. failure to pay child support) or conduct which appears intended to defraud or harm just creditors.
•Must participate in a structured panel interview.
•Must successfully complete a psychological examination, including but not limited to, an oral interview administered and interpreted by a licensed practitioner trained to evaluate results of both tests.
•Must successfully complete physical and a drug and alcohol screening.

Background Standards
The following criteria are considered in disqualifying candidates from being appointed as an employee for the City of Circleville.  They are applicable for all candidates, done so in a fair, equitable and consistent manner. Applicants are provided a copy of these standards with the employment application.  A copy is also readily available on the City’s website

Applicants are removed from the selection process and Civil Service Commission employment eligibility list for any of the following reasons:

1.At any stage of the selection process, the applicant provides false, incorrect or inconsistent information.

2.At any stage of the selection process, the applicant fails to disclose or acknowledge any disqualifying behavior or activity on the part of the applicant, relative to, and governed by, any of the background removal standards.

3.The applicant’s failure or refusal to answer or respond to oral and/or written questions during any phase of the selection process.

4. Any attempt by the applicant to distort the truth verification exam results.

5.The applicants use or attempted use of political influence to secure employment.

Family/Sexual History
1.A conviction of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence involving use of force or threatened use of a deadly weapon is a permanent disqualifier under federal laws for police officer applicants.

2.Verified or admitted physical or emotional abuse of one’s spouse, ex-spouse, child, stepchild, and parent or any other relative or person with whom one lives, has a relationship or has had a relationship within ten (10) years of the date of application.

3.Intentional non-compliance with a court order or legal contract to provide child support, alimony or other financial responsibility as determined by the appropriate support enforcement bureau or a court of law within five (5) years of the date of application.

4.Intentional violation of any protective or temporary restraining order as determined by a court of law within five (5) years of the date of application.

5.Verified or admission to displaying, disseminating or pandering obscenity, sexually oriented material or other matter harmful to children.

6.Verified or admission to incest, sexual activity with animals, voyeurism, public indecency, importuning, molestation, or any other perverse sexual conduct as defined in the Ohio Revised Code.

1.Two or more involuntary terminations and/or discharges from employment within the last five (5) years. This shall not include terminations resulting from a business ceasing operation, or resulting from being laid off from a position of employment.

2.Post-probationary termination or resignation in lieu of discipline from any criminal justice related employment.

Military History
1.Dishonorable or less than honorable discharge from military service.

2.Conviction of any article of the Uniform Code of Military Justice that is equivalent to a felony or other listed disqualifying misdemeanor in this standard under the Ohio Revised Code (ORC).

1.Any conviction of aggravated vehicular homicide or related offense(s).

a.Conviction within the past five (5) years, or
b.More than one (1) OVI/DUI conviction as an adult, or
c.More than two (2) OVI/DUI convictions, if one of the convictions was as a juvenile.

3.Four (4) moving violations in the past three years as an adult.

4.At the time of application or anytime during the selection process, the applicant does not possess a valid driver’s license and auto insurance as required by resident state if the applicant owns a motor vehicle.
5.One (1) or more revocation or suspension of a driver’s license as an adult, in effect during the past five (5) years (unless applicant can show that the suspension was the result of an error by the BMV, random selection, or administrative overlap).

6.If the applicant is deemed uninsurable by the City’s insurance carrier during the selection process .

Gambling – The term “gambling offense” includes any activity defined as gambling by a federal, state, local statute or ordinance in the jurisdiction where the activity occurred. Conviction of a gambling offense, within the last five (5) years.

1.Admission to gambling that has resulted in an unstable financial or credit history within the last seven (7) years.

2.Conviction of or admission to engaging in the promotion of illegal gambling activity wherein the applicant gains a financial benefit.

Criminal Activity
1.Any theft offense(s) as an adult, within the last five (5) years, which (a) singularly or cumulatively exceeds $1,000.00; or (b) establishes a pattern of theft offenses from an employer during the course of employment.

2.Any fraudulent insurance claims or fraudulent applications for welfare, workers compensation, unemployment compensation or other public assistance benefit program.

3.Any admission or conviction of an offense, as an adult, defined as a felony by the federal, state, or local law of the jurisdiction where the offense occurred.

4.Any admission or conviction of an offense, as a juvenile of one (1) violent felony as defined by the federal, state or local law of the jurisdiction where the offense occurred.

5.Any admission or conviction of a misdemeanor offense as defined by the federal, state or local law of the jurisdiction where the offense occurred as an adult in the past five (5) years will be reviewed in determining suitability for appointment (unless otherwise addressed in these standards).  

Illegal Substances
1.Any use or purchase of drugs of abuse within three (3) years of the date of the application. Drugs of abuse include chemical agents/solvent-based substances and prescription drugs taken other than intended use, in more than one incident and without a prescription, especially Schedule I, II and III drugs as defined by the Ohio Revised Code.

2.Any use or purchase of marijuana within one (1) year before application.

3.Any pattern of use of drugs of abuse, including marijuana, within the past five (5) years.

4.Any pattern of illegal sale of drugs of abuse, marijuana or prescriptive drugs.

5.Any pattern of abuse of alcohol, chemical agents/solvent-based substances or prescriptive drugs.

Applicant Non-Responsiveness
1.Failure to appear on time or complete any scheduled pre-interview/interview, physical fitness testing, truth verification examination, medical/stress test and/or psychological examination.

2.Failure to return a Personal History Questionnaire, an employment application or to respond to phone calls, emails, or correspondence from Background Personnel within six (6) days (not including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays).

3.Failure to notify Background Personnel of a change of address (including email address) or telephone number (i.e. unable to locate at address/phone number on file).

4.Applicant is no longer interested in employment with the City of Circleville and completes a Request for Removal from Eligible List form.

Age Requirements for Applicants or Examinees
1.The minimum age for applicants, except police officers, shall be 18 years. The minimum age for police officers shall be 21 years of age. There shall be no age limitations required of applicants for Civil Service examination or employment except as established by state or federal law.

Physical agility test: Candidates must pass the Fire Fighter Mile prior to hire.

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