Special Duty Officers

Special Duty Officersjpg

Do you need a Special Duty Police Officer at your next big event? 

For questions or to book a Special Duty Police Officer, please contact the Safety Forces Administrative Assistant, Kim Hunter, by phone at (740) 477-8212 or e-mail khunter@circlevillepolice.com.

Current rates are as follows:

$40.00 per hour

$5.00 additional for alcohol - 2 Officer minimum

$26.00 per hour for special duty at the schools

$15.00 per hour for a cruiser

3 hour minimum

Should an outside employer hire five (5) or more officers to perform at a function, one (1) officer must be a Sergeant or OIC. Employees accepting alcohol related special duty shall receive an additional five dollars ($5.00) per hour more than the above rates and shall require a minimum of two (2) officers.

Rev: 01/01/2022