City of Circleville Storm Water Management

The National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Phase II is a federally mandated program that the City of Circleville has been involved with since 2006.  Municipalities involved in this program must designate part of their services to help protect water quality by regulating stromwater discharge from a variety of sources.  This includes public education, public involvement, the elimination of illicit discharges, construction site stormwater runoff, post-construction storm water management and pollution prevention.

Stormwater runoff flows directly to our streams and rivers without any filtration or treament.  This causes pollutants to wash into the storm swers and drains.  Pesticides and nutrients from lawns and gardens; oil, grease and toxic chemicals, litter, debris, sediment and pet waste are all forms of pollution.

Polluted storm water can lead to destruction of wildlife habitat, loss of aesthetic value, impaired recreation areas and contaminated water resources.  If you have questions regarding this program or would like to report a stormwater problem, you can contact the city Service Department at 740-477-8224.