The Circleville Police Department is dedicated to protecting the citizens of Circleville. We are committed to getting the drugs off of the street and cleaning up the community.

The Police Department however cannot accomplish this without the help of the citizens of Circleville. You as a citizen are needed for the Police to reach this goal and to overcome the growing drug problem in Circleville.

Police Department
The Circleville Police Department consist of the Chief of Police, Sergeants, Patrolmen, Detectives Bureau, K9 Unit, School Resource Officer, SWAT Team and Dispatch Center. All together they work to meet the needs of the citizens of Circleville. 

The Mission Statement of The Circleville Police Department is to provide a safe and orderly environment in our community through professionalism, dedication, an active partnership with the community, and give them the protection they so richly deserve.

Drug Tips or Crime Tips
You can contact the Circleville Police Department with anonymous crime tips or drug tips at drugtips@circlevillepolice.com or 740-477-DRUG(3784). The information we receive will assist in the investigation of crimes and drug activity. You can remain completely anonymous and do not have to give any personal information.
Public Safety Alerts
You can sign up using the Notify Me link to sign up to receive text messages and alerts from the Circleville Police Department. Text messages and alerts will be sent out whenever there is an incident or situation where the public needs to be made aware.
House Watch
House watches are available to residence of Circleville when they go on vacation or are leaving town and would like the Police Department to check their residence while they are gone. You can request a house watch by contacting the Circleville Police Department Dispatch Center at 740-474-8888 option 1.
Unclaimed Property
The Circleville Police Department property room has obtained found property over several years that has not been claimed. If you are missing, bicycles (boys and girls), tools, electronic devices, sporting good equipment, automotive equipment or any household items please contact the Circleville Police Department property room. You will be asked for a description of the item, make, model and a serial number if there is one. The item will have to be properly identified prior to making and appointment to come view the item for positive identification and release of the item.  Contact the property room at propertyroom@circvlevillepolice.com or Ofc. Hafey, Ofc. Farrelly, Ofc. Eveland or Ofc. Morningstar at 740-474-8888 Ext. 6193.