1. Clean Neighborhood

    Learn about the Clean Neighborhood Committee.

  2. Committee of the Whole

    The City Council Committee of the Whole is responsible for legislative (council) organizational issues, council rules, and other topics requiring detailed discussion by entire council.

  3. Finance Committee

    The Finance Committee is responsible for annual budget, expenditures from unappropriated funds, alternative revenue (sources and methods), issuance / rollover of notes, funding for new and salaried positions, and wage / salary / benefits issues and adjustments.

  4. Judicial Committee

    The Judicial Committee is responsible for public health problems / nuisances, ordinance appeals / amendments, sale / use of city property, parking, annexation / rezoning, cable television and civil liability, and municipal court.

  5. Long Range & Strategic Planning Committee

    The Long Range and Strategic Planning Committee is responsible for: planning (12 months or longer) for municipal needs including land acquisition, office space, etc., develop/maintain comprehensive plan for the city, Health Department relations/contract, long term (12 months or longer) planning for major equipment purchases, establish funding methods for long term needs, economic development / P3 contracting, park/pool development and maintenance, and information technology.

  6. Safety Committee

    The Safety Committee is responsible for purchases of safety equipment, tornado sirens, sidewalks, training expenditures, 911, traffic safety controls, and operational needs for EMS, Fire, Police, and Buildings Departments.

  7. Service Committee

    The Service Committee is responsible for parks and pools needs, utility rates, traffic flow control, street and alley repair, street engineering, operational needs for service utility departments, and flood control projects.